• 142 Pages
  • May 27, 2021
  • Trim Size: 6×9
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  • eBook ISBN: 978-1-5136-82832-9
  • Imprint: Battle Press
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Rarely in life do we take the time to understand what or who is guiding our path. Some of us are forced to do so, because of events that happen in our lives. A Journey Within, is the story of my own experience and belief of the Divine essence within. It is my hope that this book will help others find the path of spiritual awakening. After reading this book, if you have any inquiries in regard to the contents or you wish to share an experience that you or someone else may have had, I would be glad to hear from you.

John E. Mandala, MPS., B.A. graduated from Marist College and has a bachelor’s degree in Psychology, as well as a master’s degree from New York Theological Seminary. Mr. Mandala is author of Poet’s Touch, Reflections, After Prison A Way To Succeed, and co-author of Home Wine Made Easy, Freedom’s Price and a contributing Editor of Alethia and The Contributor.

The author has been studying and experiencing the way God speaks with us for many years

5.0 out of 5 Stars He describes how “soul talk” is a part of everything that happens. It’s a tool you can use anywhere in the best and worst of times. He references parables and shares a few of his own. “This is why we must come together in spiritual unity, embracing that which is evil, and overcoming evil with the unity of love”. That’s a really applicable quote in many ways. I agree with his idea that, “Once we come to terms with our spiritual essence, we will live life differently.” “It is time for us to acknowledge our spiritual essence and stand together in solidarity of spirit. Although it may seem like an impossible task only need to look at the suffering of the masses and see the soul connection between us for inspiration and courage to make things change.” Wow, if those words don’t ring true today in 2022, I don’t know what will. I always temper my choices of books now with whether they will be up to date with all the latest drama in the world. Things got weird in 2020. Some books did not age well from pre-2020 to now. This one does. I would call this book “timeless”. There are short poems throughout the text as well. These are some of my favorite places in this book. “…..And so the clouds express god’s freelance forms; without whose presence would be empty storms.” Wow. That is beautiful. Harkening back to my previous statement about aging well, I would also like to add that John’s perspective of having been incarcerated for many years also gives his words more power to me. Clearly, the person who wrote them was already dealing with some “real-world” drama. It’s when people are going through their worst that their ideas can be the clearest. It was when I was at rock bottom myself that I found new clarity and came up with some general rules that I apply to my life to this day. This causes me to place more weight on the wisdom of his ideas if that makes sense. He really got me with this one. He was tearing up watching a movie and wondering why he cries at movies like that. I used to think I was just a sensitive creature in general, like how any other empathic person suffers. Here was his explanation for that feeling “It’s our personal connection to the divine within”. THAT is the cause for crying when you experience moving music or movies. I like that idea so much better than my original idea of “being an empath”. I mean, yes, I am, but that is only because I am tuned into my divine self. These kinds of ideas are scattered throughout the book and in such a free-flowing way, like the easy conversation with a friend. It’s a really nice book. I think this is the one you want. It just lifted me up.