The Definitive Chronology of the 45th President of the United States

  • 556 Pages
  • November 23, 2021
  • Trim Size: 7.5×9.25
  • Paperback ISBN: 978-1-7378-2387-2
  • Hardcover ISBN:978-1-7378-2388-9
  • eBook ISBN: 978-1-5136-8281-5
  • Imprint: The Devine Company, LLC.
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Recent #1 on Amazon in the US Presidents New Release category!”)  Days of Trump is a chronological, collected look back at all the significant (and even secondary) events and headlines of the Trump era that for the first time puts it all together in one place, giving the reader and historians the chance to better see how these myriad events all fit into place and where we are left as a nation.

Tim Devine is an award-winning news and editorial writer, as well as a former music, entertainment and technology executive and a Political Science and Media graduate from the University of California, Berkeley. He lives in Los Angeles with his wife Lynn. This is his first book.

***** Must-have for politics buffs This book is very cool. Completely packed with ALL of the memorable moments of the Trump Presidency from “Mexican rapists” and “American carnage,” to the ever-revolving door of endless staff and cabinet picks, to crucial military decisions (over a big beautiful piece of chocolate cake with China’s president Xi Jinping at Mar-a-Lago!) to that day he wanted to purchase Greenland (remember that one?!?) Toss in coverage of all his trips with world leaders (Kim, Putin, Xi, Macron, the Saudis, G7, the Queen, etc.) as well as TWO impeachments and a once-in-a-lifetime Covid pandemic (and his Operation Warp Speed), an INSURECTION, plus dozens of his most significant Tweets (Covfefe!)… Put it all together and you have a historical “must have” reference of a book unlike any other Trump book on the market today. (It’s also just plain physically heavy!) What I really like most is that it’s all presented in datebook style; as a literal calendar record of everything.This book goes day-by-day with 100’s of facts, photos, documents and even 1,000s of reference links and serves as an amazing record of a most unusual period in our history that will certainly be studied and examined for many, many years to come. ***** Unparalleled view of the Trump Years Tim Devine digs deeply into the Presidential maelstrom known as the Trump years. Maintaining objectivity in such a chronicle is a tightrope walk, although the author has achieved this feat with great aplomb. What is striking to me is the book is only 532 pages given Trump’s penchant for creating “news,” “events” and a seemingly endless stream of tweets all in the pursuit of dominating the news cycle. Mr. Devine has generously provided reference links, photos and documents so the reader may easily continue the journey down the “rabbit hole.” Given the objectivity of the writing and the ceasing endless high drama of this administration, the reader is left to decide if Trump is a political genius who understood the game better than the D.C. intelligentsia, or a profane, unprincipled demagogue with no respect for the checks and balances of the Constitution or the rule of law. ***** Grab it! After months of hearing about this book, I finally got my copy from Amazon in the mail just in time for Christmas!… I had heard it had a lot of detail in it but it really is packed with information, quotes, links, pics and a lot more (it’s actually quite heavy as well!) It’s not just another “insider” book but actually more of a historical volume – almost like a President Trump encyclopedia! I’ve only just begun digging into it but I can already tell there is much more here than I expected. It’s not just about Trump but all of those around him as well — Kellyanne, Spicer, Sessions, Rudy, Bill Barr, Bannon, Graham, Cruz, Fox, even people like Kanye, Rush, Pelosi, Hillary, Biden… and 100 others. It covers all the key players in addition to the man himself! With all the crazy stuff that happened (and is still happening) in the Trump years – literally from beginning – from “American Carnage” to the very end – I am happy to have one well-written reference book that finally puts it all in one place – alternative facts and all!!! Grab it! ***** Eidetic flashback of a political nightmare Not a political philosophy, nor opinion, but a powerful tool for organizing one’s interpretations and conclusions on the whole matter, filling in gaps of understanding, establishing precedents and connections, debunking gossip, settling arguments, and making sense of the whole sordid Trump maelstrom. Bring this book to your Thanksgiving roundtable. Having already read Rage, Fear, and Peril, I find Days Of Trump is a consummate companion to the Woodward-Costa trilogy. All refreshingly objective, factual, and accountable. The twelve page index is a gold mine for drilling into topics, people, and events . . . a veritable Who’s Who in the unfolding drama when you want to review the roles played by Sessions, Tillerson, Rosenstein, Comey, Kelly, Meadows, Pompeo, Pruit, Graham, Grassley, Kushner, Raffensperger, Bolton, Cohn, Cohen, Epstein, Flynn, Stone, Barr, Bannon, Mattis, Mary Trump, and hundreds more. A bibliography of 55 “Trump Books” confirms abundant authority in Tim and Amanda’s work.

Format: Paperback, Hardcover, Ebook