Hiding In Plain Sight: The Alien Factor

The Mountaintop Series (Book Three)

Aliens Hiding in Plain Sight with the Ultimate Goal of Living in Peace with Humans

In the year 2049 the head of the CIA gets an anonymous tip from a Russian mole there is an Alien working for the CIA. She forms a task force to find out who the Alien is. Unbeknownst to her, 3 members of the task force are Aliens who have lived on Earth for the past decade, helping to advance science and technology in the United States, with the ultimate goal of living in peace with humans.
Now come six members of the task force with the power to change the course of humanity’s future. But first, they must identify and eliminate the unknown adversary intent on their termination. The eventual outcome in this tale of revelation and redemption will ultimately be determined by The Alien Factor.

This novel is a different kind of science fiction: equal parts action and mystery, with a splash of romance and humor. The immersive story is at once informative and entertaining, while the twists and turns of the narrative make for a most satisfying read.